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Why choose Drupal for your business?

Drupal is one of the leading enterprise grade content management systems available at present. It comes with a range of benefits, which looks appealing to most of the users. Drupal can be the right choise for medium sized businesses, below are some of the features that make Drupal really beneficial:

  • Open Source: Meaning no licence fees whatsoever. Being open-source also means it has backing of large communities of developers.
  • Innovation: Drupal offers best user experiences such as better configuration management, views integration, Twig templates, easy content management, RESTful API support to name a few. Drupal has been improving over the years and has become one of the best CMS available in the market today.
  • User-Friendly & Flexible: Drupal is intuitive, robut and efficient to theme and create modules.The Block system and Views make Drupal 8 websites visually appealing. Also, lost of useful Drupal modules are available freely.
  • Customizable & Scalable: Therefore, the Drupal websites can be modified to the extent that these look like completely new. All thanks to the availability of 29,000 modules and 2,000 different license free themes. Drupal also offers uniqueness to any website in terms of the appearance, layout, features, navigation etc.
  • Security: Security is a prime concern for any application or website. Drupal 8 offers high levels of security with the new default template system- Twig. Trusted host patterns and dynamic URL detection are supported by removing PHP template from Drupal core and building using Symfony framework. This provides a safe and secure web environment to the developers and site owners.
  • Support & Community: Drupal has an all-embracing open source network which is more in tune with the market demand. When Drupal was introduced, it received enormous support and after the release of every new version, Drupal continued to receive more support. More than 3000 active developers contributed to coding and testing to build Drupal 8. Today, the Drupal community consists of more than 650,000 active members who are steadily growing day by day.

Why choose XOPEL for Drupal Development?

At XOPEL, we are committed to offer high-end Drupal development service across different industry verticals with proven methodology and development methodologies. We are capable of developing both SEO friendly and feature-rich Drupal websites for different types of businesses while keeping a focus on the perspectives of the businesses. Besides, we are also capable of modifying the existing Drupal websites as per the specification of our clients. As a whole, it is our specialization to offer customized solutions at affordable rates.

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