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Welcome to XOPEL

XO & Pel - meaning we're passionate for pixels.

We build business websites that generate better organic leads, develop and maintain software, provide hosting and support services.

We follow our five-step process to deliver to your expectation, starting from discovery, strategy and planning to making the website live and beyond.

We specialize in Drupal & Kentico CMS platforms.

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Business Focused Strategy

At xopel , we spend considerable amount of time during the discovery phase to gather and analyse information about your objective, plan each step on how we can reach there. We take business focused strategy to deliver results.

SEO from Scratch

A shallow, highly crawlable website structure is key to get your content indexed correctly. Search traffic being the best for high conversion rates, at xopel we focus on different strategies for effective websites. Be it for Raw Traffic, e-Commerce Sales, Mindshare/Branding, Reputation Management, or Lead Acquisition & Direct Marketing, with your help, we'll establish the right SEO objective for your business.
While one or more from the above is established, we'll deliver the following. Ranking: The goal is to rank higher in the search results. Traffic: Increase traffic on your website. Conversion: Percentage of audience who take a desired action i.e. sales, Profit/Engagement: The end result - Return of Investment (ROI) or gaining trust, acceptation or appreciation.

Focused Marketing

Our first step is identifying the five W's (& one H), and we'll work with you to establish the following key strategies. 
Who: Establish your target market i.e. your customers or audience. 
What: Product/service you're marketing (and what benefit they bring). 
When: Timing is critical! We evaluate what's best timing for your marketing strategy. Consistent marketing brings consistent results. 
Where: Evaluate which medium you need to focus for your marketing or what medium is preferred by your target. 
Why: Purpose for your marketing, i.e. increase sales, establish credibility, broaden your reach, or all of the above. 
How: We'll plan for all of the above, so .you can reach your goals.

Web Design

Artwork | Corporate | Campaigns | Marketing | Email

Effective web design and art are not one and the same. We design for the user while having a business objective in mind. We employ best practice web design principles to build websites that are aesthetically pleasing and deliver financially rewarding results. Our strategy team works closely with clients in the initial discovery workshops to understand your target customer and to create a unique and innovative web user experience that converts visitors into leads.

Kentico CMS

Websites | Intranets | Responsive Design | Support

If you are looking to build a Kentico website, or looking for support with your existing Kentico website, with our experience and knowledge, we can support you fully. We are capable of Kentico website design and development services on an end-to-end basis, just the way you would want it to be. We can easily perform tasks such as scoping and analysis of your website’s requirements apart from providing solution design, web development, training, and support.

Drupal CMS

Websites | Intranets | Responsive Design | Support

At XOPEL, we are committed to offer high-end Drupal development service across different industry verticals with proven methodology and development methodologies. We are capable of developing both SEO friendly and feature-rich Drupal websites for different types of businesses while keeping a focus on the perspectives of the businesses. Besides, we are also capable of modifying the existing Drupal websites as per the specification of our clients. As a whole, it is our specialisation to offer customised solutions at affordable rates.

UI / UX Design

User Journey | Usability | Personality Factor | Impression

User experience or UX is one of the core components of a good digital design. But this is not about making any design look good. Rather, it is all about helping the users finding their way around.


Software | Integrations | Web Services | Payment Gateways

Often off-the-shelf solution may not be adequate for you. If you can’t buy what you’re looking for, make it. Let XOPEL create a custom solution. Software/Application Development, Service Integrations, CMR/ERP Systems Integrations, Web Services - SOAP, REST, Payment Gateways & integrations into your website - SAGE, PayPal,Barclays, WorldPay

Digital Audit

Security | Performance | Responsiveness | SEO

We can effectively analyse all aspects of your website, evaluate GDPR compliance, and provide you with a fully comprehensive report that will reveal any optimisations that can positively affect your website.

Azure & Hosting

Azure | Tuning | Failover | Backup | Support

For the unmatched productivity of any business, it is just not possible to beat cloud. Numerous organizations these days are using Microsoft Azure to respond to the changes in a more effective manner, to increase the efficiency of businesses and also to slash the IT costs.