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XOPEL Digital Audit & Recommendations

We have seen in many instances where a website can slow down over time, mainly because various changes to the websites and accumulated resources that are no longer used. Even in newly developed website can sometime be slow or can have serious vulnerebilities if not optimised with care.

Unoptimised websites have various negetive consequences, such as lower ranking in search results, bad user experience or unnecessary cost to the website visitor to mention a few. Security vulnerebilities can have huge consequences such as data loss, information theft or even be exposed to various malicious attacks.

We can effectively analyse all aspects of your website and provide you with a fully comprehensive report that will reveal any optimisations that can positively affect your website.

Our digital audit report will cover an in-depth review on the following.

Performance Evaluation

Website performance depends on various elements such as artwork/imagery, css stylesheets, scripts, html content or the way the website is developed. The web server where your website is hosted, and the database server that serves dynamic content also has a big impact on the website performance. We use advanced tools available from Google and Pingdom to analyse your website, and will provide a detailed report. We will assist you with resolving any issues if needed.

Security Vulnerability Scan

At XOPEL, we evaluate the security aspects of your website using proven vulnerability scanning tools such as Acunetix to provide you with a detailed report. We will assist you in resolving any issues flagged in the reports.

Server-side Performance Evaluation

Performance of most websites today depends heavility on the web server where it's hosted. Web servers such as Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server platform or Apache HTTP Server ("httpd") running on Linux platforms have enormous configuration options and can be heavily optimised for your particular website. We have in-depth knowledge of of IIS or Apache, and can evaluate the configurations of your web servers. We will supply a detailed report on how your server can be optimised to improve your website performance.

We have in-depth knowledge in Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, and we will advise you if your server requires scale-up or scale-out.

Most website use a database to store data, such as Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. There is usually a huge scope of tuning the database to increase website responsiveness dramitically.

SEO Evaluation

We will also carry out detailed SEO analysis of your website using various tools and provide a detailed report. Online presence of your website can be huugely improved by running a succesful SEO. We'll advise in the report  how your website can be optimised to improve SEO rankings.

Coding Standards Evaluation

If you have a website with lots of custom functionalities, or you have any doubt on how your website was constructed, we can review the website code and coding standards in respect to the UI, dynamic content and SQL.

CMS Construction

If you have a Kentico or Drupal website, we can evaluate the website throughout. We will review the configuration of the website, explore the tree structure, attachments, pages and related metadata. A detailed report will be provided with our recommendation if there is any scope to improve the website.

GDPR Compliance

We can evaluate your website and advise/implement any required changes to make it compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What outcome you can expect

The digital audit service we perform will offer you three key understandings in respect to your website, and will include actionable recommendations.

  1. A detailed report of the present state of the website

  2. A snapshot of where the website could be

  3. A complete list of steps to reach to the target state

  4. Implement changes if required, or partner with your existing provider.