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Case Study

Date: Nov 2017

About JF Recruiting

JR-Recruiting is one of the world's leading Yacht Crew hire agency with 3,000 jobs posted annually, providing evaluation and hiring in record time having a industry-leading web portal. 


JF-Recruiting infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud environment. As Azure experts, we evaluated the whole JF Recruiting Azure infrastructure and recommended our suggestions.


There is a total of about 48,000 registered users on this website, so performance and uptime is crucial while making sure our solution is cost-effective.
Primary Objectives:
  1. Performance Tuning
  2. Azure Optimisations
  3. Cost Analysis
Other objectives:
  • Analyse existing backup solutions
  • Analyse geo-availability
  • Analyse database server query performance
  • Analyse resouce-wise cost utilization
  • Run a security audit of the website


Our solution was to run our full-audit, and analysis of the Azure infrastructure.
We evaluated the infrastructure and looked into every aspect of the website including the set up and configuration.
What we have accomplished:
  • Provided a overall view of the whole Azure infrastructure which is easy to observe.
  • Ran a database query performance analysis - ran our tuning.
  • Analysed the existing backup solution which had it's limitation. We came up with a plan and provided a resilient backup solution.
  • Ran a database tuning, which showed increase in performance.
  • Provided viable assistance on Geo-Availability.
  • Ran load testing on the website.
  • Ran security optimisation on the website.
  • Ultimately we analysed resource cost, re-evaluated the configuration, evaluated the resource-requirements, released resources where viable.
  • Released unused resources.


  • Database server showed 5x improvement in performance.
  • Website became more secure.
  • Cost of database server reduced by 75%.
  • Overall Azure cost reduced by 30%.
  • Brought cost saving which otherwise would have been wasted.